Counter-Strike 1.6
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Original Version 2023

  • Assembly features :

– Pure game client (Original Version)
– Based on the original steam (build 8308)
– Without cheats and viruses
– Ability to set your own Avatar
– Client Corruption Protection
– Increased speed of downloading files from the server
– Optimized client settings for lag-free play
– Quality Steam HD Models
– Best cs 1.6 servers in search
– Automatic update of the game like in steam
– Support work on Windows XP/7/8/10/11
– Added smart bots from ReGameDLL

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Despre Counter-Strike
Despre Counter-Strike
You can download Counter-Strike on our website without advertising and registration.

Looking for a website where you can download counter-strike 1.6 ? Here it is. You can download CS 1.6 original version free.Counter strike 1.6 is the most popular number 1 online team shooter in history, and for good reason. CS 1.6 release date was back in 2001 and after 20 years, counter strike 1.6 in 2022 is very popular.Our cs16 client offers a lot of maps,servers,bots and original skins.On our website you can download cs 1.6 for windows 7/8/10/11, very fast less than a minute and install even faster. Our counter strike download is safe and secured and our editions are clean and protected.

Popular server mods in CS 1.6 :

Gameplay in the original version of Counter Strike 1.6

The original version of Counter Strike 1.6 became a cult classic thanks to the variety of gameplay. This is a well-balanced game with a well-thought-out economy and several game modes. In the classic assembly, everything is built on the confrontation between two factions: terrorists and special forces. Players independently choose a team and a map on which the battle will take place.

The battle is considered won if all representatives of the faction are killed or the task dictated by the game mode is completed:

  • Bomb Defuse (bomb tab) . One of the terrorist players carries the bomb to the bombsite. The bomb has the same mechanics as a weapon, but cannot be used as a weapon. The courier player is highlighted in orange on the map. A team of terrorists must accompany him to protect him from assassination and ensure the successful planting of the explosive device. The special forces, on the contrary, begin to hunt for this player.
  • VIP-assassination (killing VIP) . A random player from the SWAT team becomes a VIP. He cannot use the weapon shop, but has 200% defense by default. He is issued a standard pistol and spare cartridges. SWAT must escort the VIP to the safe area, and the terrorists must kill him before that point. For this game mode, it is especially important to coordinate the actions of the group.
  • Hostage Refuse (hostage rescue) . One of the most popular game modes. The legend is hostage rescue. Initially, the advantage is on the side of the terrorists, since the round is limited in time. In the event that the special forces do not have time to save everyone, the victory will be automatically assigned to another faction. The hostages are very talkative, and their words can be heard at a great distance. This makes the task very difficult.


CS 1.6 was released back in 2000. She would have long ceased to be of interest to the general public of gamers, if not for the efforts of modders. If you want to completely change the gameplay and add variety to the graphical component, you need to install mods for Counter-Strike 1.6. With their help, you can add variety to the gameplay, enjoy new weapon models and just make the game updated. On our site you can download modified assemblies so as not to waste time fixing bugs and installing each mod separately. We offer the most popular additions to the original game:

  • Zombie mod . One of the most popular modifications. There is no division of the team into terrorists and special forces. In the beginning, everyone belongs to a single faction of people, but later a random player suddenly turns into a zombie. Now he must convert the rest. In some versions, you can even choose the type of zombie. They differ in models, stats and features;
  • deathrun . The literal translation fully reflects the meaning of this mod – “Death Run”. One team must set traps, and the other team must make their way deeper, avoiding them. This is a real battle of intellects. It is not enough to have jumping skills – you need to think like the enemy thinks;
  • HideNSeek . The best Counter Strike for anti-militarists. Now special forces and terrorists do not shoot at each other. They play hide and seek. The special forces need to catch up with the terrorists, and the terrorists need to hide from the special forces. The latter have only three grenades at their disposal – two blind and one freezing;
  • jailbreak . The legend of the game is simple: the special forces caught the terrorists and imprisoned them. They can arrange a riot or obey the guards by playing mini-games provided by the mechanics of the mod – cockfighting, Russian roulette, etc. To advance in a peaceful way, the prisoners must follow the commands of another faction, which they transmit through the included microphone;
  • gungame . All players start the game with a knife. To use the next weapon, you need to get three kills from the previous one. The player who uses them all wins. When the player is one step away from victory, he is again given a knife. Try to stab a man with a top weapon with it when you are being hunted.

If you love the classic version of the game, but want to change its visual component, you can download the CS 1.6 assembly with weapon models and characters from modern versions. Some builds feature completely unique skins, updated menus, and other graphical modifications. You’ll forget you’re playing a 2000 game.

You can download all these and many other mods on our website using direct links without viruses and speed limits. Add-ons and mods for CS 1.6 will make you look at the game from a completely different angle.

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System requirements

Counter-Strike 1.6 Clean Steam Build runs on all Windows versions

500 mhz processor
Operation system
Works with all windows versions
16mb video card
Flag Counter